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What is
Momentum Coaching?

Big Dreams. Big Ideas. A vision for your Best Self. If you’re like most people, you probably sense there is something you are meant to do, or a better “you” waiting to be realized.  But you’ve found yourself stuck against a mountain of life’s circumstances — working a successful job, lack of time or energy, or just general malaise and discouragement. You want to break the inertia and see real progress. But how? The key to getting there is to begin with one action at a time, each step building momentum towards realizing your goals.

Activating your full potential is not just a list of to-do’s or a column of check boxes of success habits. Most importantly, your journey is uniquely your own. Taking time to discover the individual map already waiting within you will bring you to true, lasting, and permanent change. When you find it, you’ll also find the joy of living out the things you know you’re meant to do, but couldn’t figure out where to start. Together, we will work to create a goal with action steps that move you forward, getting lots of encouragement and support along the way.

Don’t wait. Momentum doesn’t just show up. You have to take a step to get the process moving. If you’re feeling energized about pursuing your ideas, dreams, wholeness from the inside out, let’s begin today!

Meet your coach

Sarah Bolin is a Certified Momentum Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching via the Christian Coaching School. As CEO of Thorn Productions, Sarah has devoted nearly three decades to developing young, creative leaders and building The Thorn into a global sensation. Sarah has been leading in ministry and business and is particularly gifted in project management, communications and leading teams.

Sarah’s own transformation began with an honest self-assessment. Coming from broken, bankrupt, overweight and infertile, for decades she assumed this was just part of the baggage she had to carry through life. On the outside, everything seemed to be fine. But on the inside, there was a gnawing sense that she would never be free to live fully. Today, she is a successful business owner, 50+lbs lighter and happier than she’s ever been.

Her journey from desperation to wholeness has completely changed her life and she would love to walk with you as you gain momentum for the life you’ve always dreamed and more!




Sarah offers one-on-one coaching customized to your needs.  You and Sarah will schedule weekly in-person or virtual coaching sessions. You will choose the package that best suits your goals. You can decide during your FREE consultation whether a 8, 12 or 16 week package is best for you. The first session is 90 minutes, and each session after that is 60 minutes.


Sarah is excited to offer a new way of coaching that allows for some personal interaction while being part of a caring, confidential small group. Sessions all happen live online. After the virtual sessions, you’ll receive a recap PDF and a homework assignment to dig deeper.

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One-On-One Coaching

Customized personal coaching plan
$ 99 Per Session
  • Continuous Change Package - 16 sessions for $1425
  • Change that Sticks Package - 12 sessions for $1128
  • Real Change Package - 8 sessions for $792

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